Empowering women to thrive and find deeper meaning in their lives                               

 and the communities they are a part of.                                                                       




In our Community you will have the opportunity to join in:

Self Healing

Free Self-Healing Workshop

Discover the power of Reiki in our self-paced workshop, for women. A journey to harness the universe's energy for personal transformation, inner peace, and a positive life change.

2023 offering

NT4Y Community

A place where women cultivate resilience, forge connections, ignite empowerment, attain clarity, and embrace change. Here, we thrive, deepen our self-relationship, and empower others.

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Self Development & Spiritual Growth

Each month, we delve deep into a new realm of self-development and spiritual growth. From unlocking your inner potential to Leaning into Soul, we provide a fresh and exciting theme to explore.

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Self-Paced online Workshops

Our online self-paced workshops are designed to empower you with valuable knowledge and skills, as well as challenge your thinking. Learn at your own pace and apply these teachings to enhance your life.

online gatherings

Online Events

Connect with like-minded women during our online events. From Distance Healing events to inspiring and supportive gatherings, plus interactive discussions, you'll be part of a thriving community.

woman journaling

Journaling for insight

Dive into self-discovery with our thought-provoking journaling activities and prompts. Unearth your innermost thoughts, gain clarity, and watch your personal growth unfold.